Swansoft Assembly Simulation

Swansoft Assembly Simulation 2.0

The software support automatic assembly and disassembly (See all)

Swan assembly the simulation software (SSASM,) Nanjing Swansoft software Technologies Ltd. (mechanical structure) a for mold disassembly and assembly of 3 D simulation software developed based on the latest virtual technology. The software support automatic assembly and disassembly, 3 D interactive way manual assembly and disassembly, parts and components and assemblies, remove the assembly process of choice for tools and dissect the whole process of information recording and reporting function, has the sense of strong, simple operation, easy to self-study, etc. The software supports automatic assembly and disassembly, The disassembly and assembly of 3 D interactive mode of manual assembly and disassembly, parts and components, The assembly process required for The choice of tools and disassembly of The whole process of information recording and tips, with a strong sense of reality simple operation, light to self-study and other advantages. The software in 29 of The actual used in production mold, to provide The theory teaching, teachers and teaching, students training and test scores module. The software contains and actual production of The mold to provide a theoretical teaching, The teachers teach, and students' training and exam score module. Students in software that can be can learn about The mold institutions, can complete The die according to The prompt removal and assembly, master die working principle. Students in the software intuitive understanding of the mold bodies, according to the prompts to complete the disassembly and assembly of the mold, the master mold works. The software also provides special parts manufacturing process information, can make the Students master the expansion of the more knowledge. The software also offers special parts of The manufacturing process information, to enable students to acquire a more extended knowledge. Through The virtual 3 d technology show The mould structure and disassembly process, can help The students to understand The assembly drawing, can help The teachers to simplify The teaching process. Show through the virtual three-dimensional mold structure and disassembly process, can help students further understand the assembly drawings, and to assist teachers to simplify the teaching process. With real mould teaching software for better efficacy. Software with the physical mold of teaching better. The Software is more suitable for online schools and training institutions in the teaching, the teacher through Software server online examination and network monitoring, real-time and students machine interactive information. Software Network Edition is more suitable for the teaching of schools and training institutions, teachers online test and Network monitoring Software server, real-time interactive information and student machine.

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